10 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage Door Maintenance - 10 Must Know Tips

Did you know average residential garage doors open and close 3 to 5 times daily and about 1500 times a year? Yes! In fact, the garage door is the main moving part of your household. Therefore, it’s only right that you schedule regular maintenance and garage door repair to ensure prolonged and efficient use. If you need clarification on the steps to follow, don’t worry. This article will discuss the importance of garage door maintenance and also will outline helpful garage door maintenance tips for homeowners. So, keep reading for constructive insights.

10 Garage Door Maintenance Tips
10 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

1. If You Can, Limit the Use

As mentioned above, garage doors are the most used doors in your household, but it may be time to break that habit. Generally, overusing the garage door causes the hinges and the garage door openers to wear out, or the cables and springs may break. In addition, garage doors have approximately 8-10 up-down cycles a day, and overworking the door reduces its longevity.

For example, an overworked garage door will require spring or cable replacement every 2-3 years. On the other hand, one with fewer up-down cycles will maintain its performance for over six years. Therefore, take advantage of other entry and exit points around the house to preserve your garage door’s longevity.

2. Pay Attention to the Door’s Operations

Limiting garage door use is a brilliant idea. However, sometimes you have no option but to use the door. In such instances, paying attention to your garage door performance is advisable. What does this mean?

In simple terms, you should pay attention every time you use the door. Have you noticed any jerky movements? Can you hear any strange noises? Or is the response time becoming slow?

Well-maintained garage doors operate smoothly and rarely make any scraping and grinding sounds. Also, you should check your spring and cables regularly to ensure they’re symmetrical.

3. Clean the Tracks

Part of proper garage door maintenance is regular cleaning of the tracks. Garage door tracks are on either side of the door and will guide the up-down movement during opening and closing. Moreover, the tracks support the door weight, making it an integral part of the garage door system.

So, check and clear the tracks for debris, rust, dirt, or leaves. These can build up over time and block the door’s movement, limiting its performance. Remember, you shouldn’t lubricate the garage door tracks. Instead, use soap and water or recommended cleaning agents to wipe down the tracks. A qualified garage door services company should handle any significant garage door repairs.

4. Tighten Hardware and Lubricate Moving Parts

Garage doors open and close approximately 1500 times a year. That’s a lot of vibration and movement that will eventually loosen your track and door hardware. In addition, the movement applies stress on moving parts like the garage door opener and rollers.

To keep your door operational for years, regularly examine and tighten all the loose hardware, from the roller bracket to the bolts. Here’s a tip; if you don’t need professional input, a socket wrench will make work easier. But don’t over-tighten your hardware because that could damage the entire garage door.

For lubrication, you will apply grease on moving parts like the pulley, door opener, and garage door spring at least twice a year. First, wipe the moving parts and apply the grease on a clean surface. In general, silicone and lithium-based grease are perfect for lubrication.

5. Check Spring Balance and Alignment

Garage door springs will tighten and unwind whenever you open and close your garage door. Therefore, the springs are crucial in maintaining the garage door balance and smooth movement of the garage door opener. As part of your maintenance, ensure the springs are well-aligned to maintain balance.

So, how do you test the door balance and spring alignment? First, close the garage door and pull the release handle to disconnect the opener. Next, lift the door manually to the halfway point, and release it slowly. A well-balanced door will stay in place, but if the springs aren’t aligned, the door will drop shut.

Aligning door springs is challenging for unskilled homeowners. For this reason, you should reach out to a professional garage door maintenance company. For example, at Garage Door Legacy, the team will check the door’s spring tension and adjust it accordingly to maintain balance.

6. Replace All Cables Showing Signs of Wear and Tear

Garage door cables are on either side of your door, facilitating the secure movement of the high-tension springs. However, when cables wear out, they can damage the entire door or pose a safety hazard to the users. So, always check your cables for signs of corrosion, poor track alignment, or water moisture, and replace them immediately.

However, these cables are heavy and can weigh up to 100 pounds. The force from a broken cable is enough to cause a fatality. You should leave the replacement to qualified professionals.

7. Inspect and Replace Weather Strips

Weather strips are rubber or silica materials installed along the bottom of a garage door. The weather strips seal the door completely, protecting against outdoor factors like dirt and water. In addition, weather stripping maintains sustainable temperature levels and lowers your utility bills.

Always check the strips for gaps, leaks, or wear and tear for proper garage door maintenance. Lucky for you, you can replace the weather strips at specific spots. But if the damage is extensive, replacing the entire stripping is beneficial.

8. Test the Safety Sensors

The safety sensors are a crucial part of your garage door system. Moreover, all garage doors in the U.S. must install safety sensors. The sensors detect movement and control the up and down motion to avoid accidents. For example, an auto-reverse feature automatically reverses movement when the sensor detects an obstacle.

Therefore, you should check the sensors regularly to avoid hazardous malfunctions. Garage Door Legacy offers high-quality testing services to ensure your sensors work correctly. The services are available for Washington, DC, and Maryland residents.

9. Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance

Of course, you can conduct general garage door maintenance, like cleaning the tracks, inspecting weather strips, and lubricating the bolts and brackets. But once in a while (at least twice a year), you’ll need a professional’s input to ensure your garage door is running smoothly.

Annual inspection and maintenance caters to all the above and diagnoses your door’s performance. You will also learn the dos and don’ts for maintaining your garage door; it will help you limit the need for costly repairs and replacements.

10. Take Care of Your Garage Door

As you clear the tracks and grease the moving parts, don’t forget the actual door. Groom the door by checking for rust, chipped paint, or rust on steel garage doors. Also, wash the garage door regularly with soap and water or an all-purpose cleaner. What’s more, in case of peeling paint or rust, find professionals who will repaint and remove rust for long-term use.

Weather and Climate

The Mid-Atlantic area has a unique climate, with hot summers and cold winters. This means that your garage door needs to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and precipitation can significantly impact the functionality and longevity of garage doors. Understanding the effects of these weather conditions on garage doors can help homeowners take the necessary steps to maintain and protect them.

Extreme hot and cold temperatures can cause a wide range of problems for garage doors. In the summer, high temperatures can cause the metal components of garage doors to expand, leading to warping and misalignment. This can make it difficult for the garage door to open and close properly and can also cause damage to the door’s tracks and rollers. In the winter, cold temperatures can cause the metal to contract, making it difficult for the garage door to open and close smoothly. It can also cause the door’s springs and cables to become brittle and break more easily.

Humidity is another factor that can significantly impact garage doors. High humidity levels can cause rust and corrosion on metal components, weakening the garage door’s structure and making it more prone to failure. In addition, high humidity levels can cause the door’s seals and weather stripping to become less effective, allowing drafts and water to enter the garage.

Precipitation, such as rain, snow, and sleet, can also cause damage to garage doors. Water can seep into the door’s tracks and rollers, causing rust and corrosion. In addition, heavy snow or ice can cause the door to become frozen to the ground, making it difficult or impossible to open or close.

To help protect garage doors from the effects of weather and climate, homeowners should take a few preventative maintenance steps. This includes regularly inspecting the door for signs of wear and tear, such as rust and corrosion, and taking steps to address any issues.

While homeowners can do some maintenance tasks, it is essential to seek professional maintenance and repair services for garage doors. These services can help ensure that the door is properly maintained and repaired and can also help identify any issues that may be caused by weather and climate.

By understanding the effects of these weather conditions, homeowners can take steps to protect and maintain their garage doors, prolonging the door’s life and ensuring the garage remains a safe and functional space.

garage door maintenance tips
garage door maintenance tips

Professional Garage Door Maintenance

  1. Qualified garage door technicians have the skills and knowledge to tackle all your garage door repairs and maintenance issues. Expert technicians will get to the root of the problems by thoroughly inspecting every part of the garage door.
  2.  Apart from the knowledge and expertise, you’ll also take advantage of high-quality commercial equipment. Certified garage door companies will invest in modern equipment that quickly identifies and repairs garage door problems. In addition, professional equipment decreases the risk of injury during the job. For example, a technician will use proper machinery to replace or adjust heavy-duty broken cables.
  3. Professionals will maximize your door’s life span. They understand the inner working of a garage door and will fix the problem or replace the parts. That means you won’t have to deal with costly repairs every few months, malfunctions, or poorly balanced cables and springs.
  4. Annual garage door repair and maintenance services prevent mechanical issues. Whether your garage is working smoothly or not, regular annual inspections and repairs will detect potential problems. You can fix the problem before it becomes hazardous or causes inconveniences in the future.
  5. It will allow you to maximize your warranty. Most garage door companies offer installation services and garage door products that include a warranty. Therefore, you can use this warranty to return to the garage door installation company for maintenance services. What’s more, if there’s no warranty, you can get a discount, which helps you receive garage door services from the same installation company.
  6. Lastly, working with a professional garage door business creates a long-term beneficial relationship. You will have a trusted partner, and the company can keep a log of your garage door performance. Furthermore, you won’t have to keep up with the dates because the company creates and adheres to the schedule.


The garage door is integral to your home, meaning regular maintenance is beneficial. Garage Door Legacy caters to all your maintenance needs ensuring longevity and smooth daily operations. What’s more, you can also reach out for repair, replacement, and installation services.


Regular maintenance of your garage door is essential to keep it functioning properly and lasting for years. The best way to ensure this happens is by seeking the help of a garage door company. They can identify any issues with the door due to weather and climate, maximize their life span, prevent mechanical issues, and even extend warranties on products. By relying on a licensed company, you can establish a long-term beneficial relationship with a trusted partner who will keep up with all the necessary dates and create a log of your garage door’s performance. Garage Door Legacy provides excellent service for all your maintenance needs. Contact us today!

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